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28. října 2010 v 21:22 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary
I know I promised.
But I was tired! :D

Okay so just a short one, cause there's so much going on my mind. (WTF?.. Oh God, 4 days in Prague and I'm not sure bout my english already?) 

Well, the trip was great :) It was fun, interesting but also ,,fatiguant'' and depressive... for me. 
Because of you-know-who. Kinda. And then Auschwitz.. so.

Also few of my classmates are not so great as I thought. Girls..! I'd love to kill some of them sometimes.

And then my first day here I was just sitting in my bed, eating and watching TV series. And the other day was so cool. I went to school and I felt like a celebrity :D seriously:)
Then I had lunch with one of my best friends, then I went to get my FCE certificate and I bought a hair colour :)
Then I picked up my friends in front of school and we went to Dear mother in law <3

Then I went home, I walked my dog with my ex (yeah ... like seriously! but I hace to say that finally after year and a half it was okay), changed, put some make up on and I was ready to go to Vršovice! :)
There I met guys in a pub / winery and I thought I'm gonna go home like at 10p.m. .... well that was a mistake :D I was happy I was able to leave at like midnight and that I didn't miss my last metro.

And the day after which was Wednesday I went with Zuzanka and Akinka to see Dear mother in law again :D

And today I walked my day in the morning (well 11.30 am :D) and then I just got my hair coloured, I watched America's Next TopModel and then my grandmas, grandpa, uncle and cousins came, so I showed some pictures, we drank wine, had a debate bout politics -- as always :)

And now I'm thinking about having a new blog. I just don't know where!!

Tumblr? google? ..HELP:)

So far, I quite like Tumblr. It seems pretty cool, I'm just not sure about the design and comments and so on. I just want something easy and nice, where I can post a lot of pictures and so on. 

And I would like more people to visit my blog... I gotta do something, cause I enjoy writing eventhough I'm not that good at it, but now in France during week-ends I have just SO much time! :)

So I could really get into it and do something for other people:)

So wish me luck :)

Tomorrow Im going at my friend's cottage to stay over night, I'm gonna leave Saturday morning, go home and then I hope I'm gonna meet my girls and were gonna have some paaaarty :D
I have to enjoy Prague as much as I can before I leave.

Okay so that should be all, I'll try to work on my new blog and thx for visiting:)

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