Just a normal weekend

10. října 2010 v 18:18 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary
So like yesterday I went to the city 5mins by car from where we live. Just for like 3hours but stil it was pretty boring. I was just sitting on the ground, listening to Bullet for my Valentine and thinking (yeah weird right? :D ).
They were smoking, listening to THEIR music and talking. From time to time to girls go round the corner to talk. Like they dont want anyone to know but stil everyone knows that they have to ,,discuss'' something. 

So these are in shortcut my weekends here. But its fine. Better than nothing. :D
But I have to say if these were the guys i would be in class with i would like... i dont know... die? :D
Im always so looking fwd to school monday morning, you cant imagine :) Yes my classmates are just that wonderful. Its always fun and we have always something to talk about and so on.

So this is my last week here before the voyage. So also my last article till November. 

Im so looking fwd to see you guys ! :) 

Now Im just gonna watch The Guild, Gossip Girl, talk with my parents, ,,faire moc valise'' and sleep :)

So have a nice week and I'll let you know when I'll be in Czech Rep . :)


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1 Maggie Maggie | Web | 12. října 2010 v 17:38 | Reagovat

Mami! Ženo!♥
Doufám teda, že se jako uvidíme v tom říjnu, jako jako!
Strašně moc mi chybíš a hodně vzpomínám na Liberec, na všechny ty prty párty, na náměstí, etc..!♥
Epileptický tanečék!
Karel! JO! xD

2 SergiooH SergiooH | E-mail | 16. ledna 2017 v 22:41 | Reagovat

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