And now my heart is stone cold because you've gone gone away.

8. října 2010 v 22:59 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary

Since this is gonna be the blog only for MY pala (but also my tailoring supplier and my m.a.g.e.) I guess, I'm gonna write in english. 
Of course that I could write in czech - but since I got here, my brain went mad. I'm thinking in english, trying to learn french and not forget the czech. Crazy world.

So first I have to tell you  I miss you really a lot! 
Our chit-chat, our wines in Dear Mother in Law, you.

And second of all: is there something wrong with me or what? Why do I have to fall in love with the wrong guy every time? I mean he's perfect but the same story again: you obviously need two people to be a couple. And he'll never know... Aw, my love stories again. Nice to tell you like this but I seriously need our session in Prague ^^

Wow I'm all philosophic today. :) 

So I just wanted to say I'm gonna write here for you, in english, if it does not bother you, 'cause I really suck in written czech now and I don't wanna forget all my english here. No stress with czech till the next year :P

And it doesn't rain anymore! ... for now :)

Oh I have so many things to tell you, you won't believe it :D

But the most important thing is that I love it here. My classmates are unbelievable, I never thought it could be like this. School is also fine, sometimes boring, sometimes interresting. 

I came to dance dance dance dance (sorry, I'm listening to Taio Cruz) .. dont know why , have to switch it to Alesana for ex. :)

So I guess I'm gonna write here more often (still only on week-ends) 'cause after all it's my beloved blog:)

And I'm really lookin fwd to that trip, it's gonna be fun I hope. :) I'll take photos I promise. 

Cause today is a great day for falling in love. (Oh Taio .. thanks a lot!)

Okay I'll stop. It's really getting on my mind. But if you guys saw him! Heard him! ... No, I'm fine ^^

Not that this article would make any sense. I'm also sorry for all my mistakes:) So next one on sunday I hope and then see ya in Prague on 20th I guess :) I'call you babes <3

Remeber I love you, always will. <3

P.S. Take some dirty pictures for me :D

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1 Akinka m.a.g.e. Akinka m.a.g.e. | 9. října 2010 v 0:15 | Reagovat

WE L.OI.V.E. YOU!!! FOREVER AND EVER!!! We miss you so much. Tonight we did some karaoke and we just thought "Wish you were here" our loved papparazzi :-* Let the sunshine in ant tell us What is love? Baby, don't hurt me!!! I am a barbie girl, and so you are :-* love you, 20th is coming and we are lookin forward to you! :-* <3
P.S. Releeeeease me!!!

2 Your Daphne <3 Your Daphne <3 | Web | 9. října 2010 v 10:32 | Reagovat

Milááčku! Je to krásnej článek, úplně tě slyšim a vidim to psát, musíme na skype!! My jsme teď u Aki, budem se učit matiku a pak půjdem na Cosmetic Tissues :)) byl to skvělej večer, zpívaly jsme, pily vínečko, hrozně si nám tu chyběla, bylo to přímo pro tebe ... :* užívej jak to jde, uvidíme se brzo brzičko a už se na to moc těšim *** pusu miláčku pala od tvojí pala-lala <3

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