Říjen 2010

Yeah, yeah...

28. října 2010 v 21:22 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary
I know I promised.
But I was tired! :D

Okay so just a short one, cause there's so much going on my mind. (WTF?.. Oh God, 4 days in Prague and I'm not sure bout my english already?) 

Well, the trip was great :) It was fun, interesting but also ,,fatiguant'' and depressive... for me. 
Because of you-know-who. Kinda. And then Auschwitz.. so.

Also few of my classmates are not so great as I thought. Girls..! I'd love to kill some of them sometimes.

And then my first day here I was just sitting in my bed, eating and watching TV series. And the other day was so cool. I went to school and I felt like a celebrity :D seriously:)
Then I had lunch with one of my best friends, then I went to get my FCE certificate and I bought a hair colour :)
Then I picked up my friends in front of school and we went to Dear mother in law <3

Then I went home, I walked my dog with my ex (yeah ... like seriously! but I hace to say that finally after year and a half it was okay), changed, put some make up on and I was ready to go to Vršovice! :)
There I met guys in a pub / winery and I thought I'm gonna go home like at 10p.m. .... well that was a mistake :D I was happy I was able to leave at like midnight and that I didn't miss my last metro.

And the day after which was Wednesday I went with Zuzanka and Akinka to see Dear mother in law again :D

And today I walked my day in the morning (well 11.30 am :D) and then I just got my hair coloured, I watched America's Next TopModel and then my grandmas, grandpa, uncle and cousins came, so I showed some pictures, we drank wine, had a debate bout politics -- as always :)

And now I'm thinking about having a new blog. I just don't know where!!

Tumblr? Blog.com? Blog.cz? google? ..HELP:)

So far, I quite like Tumblr. It seems pretty cool, I'm just not sure about the design and comments and so on. I just want something easy and nice, where I can post a lot of pictures and so on. 

And I would like more people to visit my blog... I gotta do something, cause I enjoy writing eventhough I'm not that good at it, but now in France during week-ends I have just SO much time! :)

So I could really get into it and do something for other people:)

So wish me luck :)

Tomorrow Im going at my friend's cottage to stay over night, I'm gonna leave Saturday morning, go home and then I hope I'm gonna meet my girls and were gonna have some paaaarty :D
I have to enjoy Prague as much as I can before I leave.

Okay so that should be all, I'll try to work on my new blog and thx for visiting:)

I promise..

27. října 2010 v 12:38 | Euphoooria xD
... I'm deffinitely gonna write something today. I hope :)
Bout the trip and my first days back in Prague :)

Just a normal weekend

10. října 2010 v 18:18 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary
So like yesterday I went to the city 5mins by car from where we live. Just for like 3hours but stil it was pretty boring. I was just sitting on the ground, listening to Bullet for my Valentine and thinking (yeah weird right? :D ).
They were smoking, listening to THEIR music and talking. From time to time to girls go round the corner to talk. Like they dont want anyone to know but stil everyone knows that they have to ,,discuss'' something. 

So these are in shortcut my weekends here. But its fine. Better than nothing. :D
But I have to say if these were the guys i would be in class with i would like... i dont know... die? :D
Im always so looking fwd to school monday morning, you cant imagine :) Yes my classmates are just that wonderful. Its always fun and we have always something to talk about and so on.

So this is my last week here before the voyage. So also my last article till November. 

Im so looking fwd to see you guys ! :) 

Now Im just gonna watch The Guild, Gossip Girl, talk with my parents, ,,faire moc valise'' and sleep :)

So have a nice week and I'll let you know when I'll be in Czech Rep . :)


And now my heart is stone cold because you've gone gone away.

8. října 2010 v 22:59 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary

Since this is gonna be the blog only for MY pala (but also my tailoring supplier and my m.a.g.e.) I guess, I'm gonna write in english. 
Of course that I could write in czech - but since I got here, my brain went mad. I'm thinking in english, trying to learn french and not forget the czech. Crazy world.

So first I have to tell you  I miss you really a lot! 
Our chit-chat, our wines in Dear Mother in Law, you.

And second of all: is there something wrong with me or what? Why do I have to fall in love with the wrong guy every time? I mean he's perfect but the same story again: you obviously need two people to be a couple. And he'll never know... Aw, my love stories again. Nice to tell you like this but I seriously need our session in Prague ^^

Wow I'm all philosophic today. :) 

So I just wanted to say I'm gonna write here for you, in english, if it does not bother you, 'cause I really suck in written czech now and I don't wanna forget all my english here. No stress with czech till the next year :P

And it doesn't rain anymore! ... for now :)

Oh I have so many things to tell you, you won't believe it :D

But the most important thing is that I love it here. My classmates are unbelievable, I never thought it could be like this. School is also fine, sometimes boring, sometimes interresting. 

I came to dance dance dance dance (sorry, I'm listening to Taio Cruz) .. dont know why , have to switch it to Alesana for ex. :)

So I guess I'm gonna write here more often (still only on week-ends) 'cause after all it's my beloved blog:)

And I'm really lookin fwd to that trip, it's gonna be fun I hope. :) I'll take photos I promise. 

Cause today is a great day for falling in love. (Oh Taio .. thanks a lot!)

Okay I'll stop. It's really getting on my mind. But if you guys saw him! Heard him! ... No, I'm fine ^^

Not that this article would make any sense. I'm also sorry for all my mistakes:) So next one on sunday I hope and then see ya in Prague on 20th I guess :) I'call you babes <3

Remeber I love you, always will. <3

P.S. Take some dirty pictures for me :D