My first PED (ENVY ENVI)

21. března 2010 v 19:42 | Euphoooria xD |  My diary
I was just SO wrong!

The whole EYP session was so awesome! :)
I have to admit that I am a bit sad that we did not make it to the regional or even international round but whatever. I can not change it now so why should I spoil those wonderful 4 days I just had.

I even enjoyed teambuilding :D

And those nights are unforgetable!

All the crazy shit I did tonight
Those are gonna be the best memories
All the crazy shit I did tonight
That will be the best therapy for me

What more can I say than Honey, tell me that you love me, Let me see your funky chicken, Big fat pony, EYP café, after party, Hvězda, Street fight and of course ENVY ENVI :)

I just loved it. It was one of the best trip and experience in my life and I will never forget it. Love ya'll guys :)

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